Repurposed Glass Bottles

Our Unique Candle Vessels are made of 100% Recycled Glass bottles from the very own Beer you have in your fridge at home.

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Drunken Pumpkin


Drunken Pumpkin


Our Guarantee

Quality: our motto is "standard without compromise".

Hassle-Free: once you've placed your order, we take care of everything.

30 Days Guarantee: if the product does not meet your strict expectations or is not as described

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Pursuit For Perfection


Blackout Wicks was founded in 2019 in Milford, a small coastal Connecticut town. Two friends with a passion for craft beer set out on a mission to create a unique & fun candle after being let down by the generic and boring options found online and at local storefronts.

After dedicating hundreds of hours researching, late nights formulating, and long days sourcing premium and natural based ingredients in the pursuit of perfection. We’ve finally been able to deliver a final product that matches our vision two years later (2021).

The results of our efforts is a superior soy wax candle housed in a meticulously cut beer bottle container made only from recycled glass.

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